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  • How do I contact Milgard for warranty service on my windows?
    Call the factory at 1-800-562-8444 and ask for Warranty Service.  They will have a local repair person contact you within 2-3 business days.
  • How do I contact the Property Manager?
    Quam Properties Hawaii, Inc.
    5095 Napilihau Street, #202
    Lahaina, HI  96761
    Lysa Tracy, Director of Association Management
    Phone:  808-665-1315, x217
    Cell:  808-666-1464
    FAX:  808-665-1319
  • How do I submit plans for review and approval?
    Any changes to the exterior structure that will be remodeled, changed in color, or otherwise visually altered to any material extent will require an architectural design review and approval.  This includes changes to the original landscaping provided by the Developer.  However, you do not need to seek approval for removal of diseased trees or periodic plant replacement.  
    Please see detailed instructions for submitting your plans under Committees, Architecture & Design.  
  • Is there a state law regarding the placement of solar energy devices?
    Yes.  Information regarding rights of homeowners of single family residential dwelling or townhome is covered in Hawaii Revised Statute 196-7  Placement of Solar Energy Devices.  Please click on the link for the full text of the statute.
  • What should I consider before installing a satellite dish antenna?
    Please consider the following before installing a satellite dish antenna:
    Moana Estates CC&Rs, Section 3.09. Antennas and Satellite Dishes states, "Exterior antennas or satellite dishes covered by the OTARD Rule shall be permitted, provided they comply with all applicable Laws."  This means satellite dishes not covered by the OTARD Rule are not permitted.  For example, satellite dishes larger than 39.37 inches in diameter (such as certain DirecTV dishes in Hawaii) are not allowed.  There is a link to the OTARD Rule on the home page.
    Please refer to the following preferences for satellite dishes that are covered by the OTARD Rule adopted by the Board of Directors on March 7, 2012.  Satellite Dish Preferences
  • Where can I buy genuine Toto replacement parts for our Toto toilets?
    You can purchase original equipment manufacture (OEM) Toto parts from:
    Hawaii Pacific Plumbing Supply Company
    250 Alamaha, STE N4
    Kahului, HI  96732
    The store is located across the street from Valley Isle Lighting.
  • Where can I buy matching paint for the exterior of my home?
    Ameritone-Maui at 140 Alamaha, Kahului (phone: 871-7734) has the color codes for each of the exterior color schemes.  Exterior colors are shown  here
  • Where can I find replacement Network/Cable Outlets
    If your network outlets have broken mounting tabs and are hanging loose, then you can replace the broken mounting plate without replacing the network or telephone jacks as well.  You can use Siemon brand mounting plates.  The mounting plate part numbers are:
    Single jack version (used for the antenna/cable connector):  Siemon MX-D1Z-(XX)
    Double jack version (used for the telephone and network jacks):  Siemon MX-D2Z-(XX)
    Siemon is a British brand and hard to locate.  One source is, at $2..30 per unit.  Search the site by entering the part numbers above.  
  • Where can I find the 22 x 22 x 1" air conditioning filters?
    ACE Hardware and Home Depot normally has these in stock.
  • Where can I purchase a replacement handle for the great room sliding glass door?
    The sliding glass door is made by Fleetwood.  You can purchase a replacement handle at:
    Pacific Source
    515 E. Uahi Way
    Phone:  808-986-0380
    The Part you are looking for is GT Fleetwood C-Handle White
    Call Pacific Source to make sure they have the part before going to their store.
  • Where do I send my Association Dues?
    Please make your check payable to:  Moana Estates HOA
    Mail to:
    Moana Estates HOA
    c/o Quam Properties Hawaii, Inc.
    5095 Napilihau Street, Suite 202
    Lahaina, HI  96761-8803
    Please include your payment coupon and Account Number (Lot#) on your check.
  • Who do I contact regarding warranty issues?
    Towne's Customer Care contact is:
    Brenda Ohlheiser:  phone:  243-5354, e-mail:
    Marcus Ohlheiser:  phone:  244-9795, e-mail:
    Warranty Department:  Roscoe Shigeta, Phone;  243-5360
    Towne Realty of Hawaii, Inc.
    1765 Wili Pa Loop
    Wailuku, HI  96793 
  • Who was the original installer of the garage doors?
    Every Door.  If you need to contact them for service, their phone number is 873-0359.